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Introducing The Outlaw Candle, a bold and adventurous addition to our collection. With its intoxicating scent of saffron and leather, this candle will transport you to the great outdoors. The base notes of leather and cedar add a touch of rugged masculinity, while a hint of peppercorn brings a subtle sweetness. Whether you're a modern-day cowboy or just someone who loves a bit of edge, The Outlaw Candle is sure to add a touch of wild west charm to your home.


The double-wicked 16oz candle burns evenly and releases a warm, inviting glow, while the elegant clear glass vessel and rose gold lid add a touch of opulence to any space.

The Outlaw Candle

  • We use a high-quality soy wax blend that is soft and has a lower melting point than most. It is important to keep candles away from extreme heat and avoid direct sunlight to keep the wax from melting. 

    ALWAYS burn candles on a stable, even surface, and away from flammable objects. 

    Never leave a burning candle unsupervised. 

    To achieve a clean and even burn, it is important to trim the wicks to approx. 1/4" before each burn. If you notice your flame is high after lighting, blow out the candle, allow it to cool, then trim the wick and relight.

    Allow the candle to burn for at least 2 hours, or allow the melted wax pool to reach the jar edges during the first burn to avoid tunneling.

    Do not allow a candle to burn for more than 4 hours at a time to avoid overheating the jar.

    Keep away from small children and curious pets. 

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